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January 2021

Take Your First Step in Retirement Planning

January 22nd, 2021|Categories: Investing, Retirement Planning|

WHY IS FINANCIAL PLANNING SO IMPORTANT? We all have things we want to do in the future that will cost money; vacations, home buying, paying for college, retiring, and etc. Financial planning is simply figuring how much money you will need when you will need it, and taking action to get you there. RETIREMENT PLANNING IS A SUBSET OF FINANCIAL PLANNING, AND MAYBE THE MOST CRITICAL BECAUSE: Social Security is becoming less solvent all the time. Read: Social Security by the Numbers and Social Security Revisited: A Plan to Fix It Most corporations no longer offer defined benefit retirement plans, and many companies [...]

Muhlenkamp Marathon

January 10th, 2021|Categories: Investing, Retirement Planning, Saving|

Our Muhlenkamp Marathon E-Book includes 26.2 miles of financial guidance. From getting your financial information in order at mile 3 to creating a budget at mile 7 and learning how to reduce debt at mile 16, we’ve got your training covered!   The opinions expressed are those of Muhlenkamp and Company and are not intended to forecast future events, guarantee future results, or offer investment advice.  

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