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August 2020

The Difference Between a Savings Account and Investing 

August 13th, 2020|Categories: Investing, Saving|

The words saving and investing seem to always go together, like peanut butter and jelly, or death and taxes. And they do belong together, because before you can invest, you have to save. Saving is spending less than what you make and putting the difference aside for later. It’s delayed gratification, it’s the old fable about the summer ant and the winter ant. Saving is taking precautions against, and preparing for, an unknown and predictable future. Investing takes that one step further, and it’s largely a function of your time horizon for the money you are making and saving. Savings [...]

Music for MS Music Festival

August 5th, 2020|Categories: Announcements|

MUHLENKAMP IS PROUD TO JOIN AS A FEATURED SPONSOR TO HELP RAISE FUNDS FOR THE PITTSBURGH-BASED CHARITY WHO:  MUSIC FOR MS EVENT WITH “NOVEMBER BLUE” AND “TULLYCAVY” WHAT:  SEVENTH ANNUAL MUSIC FOR MS MUSIC FESTIVAL WHEN:  AUGUST 15, 2020 AT 8:00 PM (BROADCAST BECOMES AVAILABLE TO VIEW) HOW:  VIRTUALLY THROUGH THE MUSIC FOR MS WEBSITE (WWW.MUSICFORMS.ORG) WITH LINKS TO YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK. About the event – MuSic for MS, a Pittsburgh based charity music festival will take place virtually on August 15, 2020 with access through the Music for MS website with links to YouTube and Facebook.  The event is being broadcast from the [...]

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