The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze: How taxes are squeezing your income; how interest rates are squeezing your assets
by Ron Muhlenkamp

I find that many of the things we see today are similar to what we’ve seen before. For instance, the government budget deficits today look much like the deficits of the 1980s. And concerns about China today are similar to concerns we had about Japan in the 1970s.

This is especially true for today’s seminar topic. Over the past years, I’ve written extensively about the self-defeating nature of excessive taxation and how interest rates and inflation affect your purchasing power. Today’s
seminar is a synthesis of 40 years of observations based on facts. Due to time constraints, you’ll be getting the “Cliff’s Notes” or Reader’s Digest version. For additional information, please refer to the Appendix which includes the
source materials.