Muhlenkamp Memorandum Issue #117

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Refer to the SMA All-Cap Value Fact Sheet for the Top 20 Holdings and performance data as of the most recent quarter-end.

In this Muhlenkamp Memorandum:

Quarterly Letter
In the fourth quarter, the S&P 500 Index was up a bit over 7% and up 1.38% for the year. Our accounts, on average, were up 3.52% in the quarter and down 5.03% for the year. (Individual performance varies by account.) The gains for the broader Index in the quarter were mostly made by a small number of large capitalization tech stocks…

Investment Seminar: Recap
On December 3, 2015, portfolio managers Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp provided an update on the checklist they use to monitor the investment climate. Over the past several years, the stock market, in general, has been acting as though we’ve had a normal recovery from a normal recession. The items on their checklist indicate otherwise…

Investment Seminar Archive Available on Website
Watch a video archive of our December 3, 2015 investment seminar. If you prefer viewing via DVD, let us know and we’ll send you one.

Semi-Annual Conference Call
Join us for our next conference call, when portfolio managers Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp discuss what they’re seeing in the economy and the markets. Our call is scheduled for Thursday, February 25, 2016 from 4:15 pm – 5:00 pm ET. Call toll-free number (888) 862-6557 and enter conference code: 41568974.