Muhlenkamp Memorandum Issue #109

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Refer to the SMA All-Cap Value Fact Sheet for the Top 20 Holdings and performance data as of the most recent quarter-end.

In this Muhlenkamp Memorandum:

Quarterly Letter
Some of the things we’ve been talking/warning you about in recent years came to fruition in 2013. Specifically, medium- and long-term interest rates rose and commodity prices declined…

The “FRIDAY FOCUS” on Retirement—Planning for a Successful Retirement

“How do you see yourself in retirement?” is a question similar to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In essence, retirement is like a new beginning, so the question must be answered…

Required Minimum Distributions

This is the time of year that we get many questions from IRA shareholders regarding Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). If you are an owner of an IRA/qualified plan and turned 70½ during 2013, you must determine how you would like to take the RMD from your accounts…