How Retirement Has Changed—Why Saving More and Working Longer will be Necessary

On May 12, 2016, Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp presented How Retirement Has Changed—Why Saving More and Working Longer will be Necessary. In this video of Muhlenkamp & Company’s Investment Seminar, you will hear Ron address how the retirement plans of individuals and institutions have changed due to low GDP growth, productivity, and interest rates—what was thought to be temporary has lasted longer than expected, with no end in sight. The assumptions made while making retirement plans and decisions ten years ago are now obsolete. Jeff summarizes the implications for investors of every age and disposition.

Topics discussed:

  • How an extended period of ultra-low interest rates has severely compromised future income streams.
  • Why retirement, as we used to expect it, is no longer available because of low interest rates.
  • Why reading the fine print, especially for annuities, is more critical than ever. There are no guarantees—only illustrations.
  • How CDs—and bonds—have gone from being considered safe to being “certificates of guaranteed confiscation.”

Materials presented:

From website of The Pew Charitable Trust – “The State Pensions Funding Gap: Challenges Persist”

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