Game Changers in Biomedical Science

Advances in biomedical science continue to transform the way medicine is being practiced. Since the 1950s, we have experienced a steady stream of breakthrough innovations, ranging from vaccines for the masses to precision medicines based on one’s unique genetic makeup. In a 50-year span, we’ve gone from characterizing the double-helix structure of DNA to a complete mapping of the human genome. Tammy Neff, Investment Analyst, guides us through a presentation on Game Changers in Biomedical Science, recorded at the November 12, 2014 investment seminar/webcast.  There’s a wealth of material to absorb in the presentation on biomedical science, so we have produced a booklet on the subject, which examines some breakthrough innovations, along with a look at some of the companies making these advancements. Areas of interest include:

• Personalized medicine;
• Cancer and targeted cancer therapies;
• Immune system;
• Viruses; and
• 3-D bioprinting.

View the presentation video on YouTube.

Download the booklet.