WORKING THE PROBLEM: The Impact of COVID-19 & Some Advice to Answer Our Clients’ Top Concerns

A recording of our webcast is available. Jeff and Tony Muhlenkamp discuss the economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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MAPPING YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE: It’s Never Too Late to Save for College

Our webcast, led by Tony Muhlenkamp, takes a fresh look at an old topic: how do we save for college? Given the past few months, should we change the way we plan and save for our children’s education? Watch the webcast to hear our ideas on planning for your financial future.
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Archive of February 27, 2020 Webcast

During our webcast, Jeff Muhlenkamp discussed the state of the economy and the threats he perceived to it and the markets. Since then the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and unprecedented measures by governments at all levels have rendered much of what he discussed irrelevant. We don’t know any more about the health risks posed by the COVID-19 than you do. Nor do we, or anyone else, know the secondary and tertiary political and economic consequences of the virus spreading.
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Archive of December 11, 2019 Webcast

A record-long economic expansion and bull market in the U.S. are continuing. Are problems developing that could end them? During our webcast, Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp reviewed the indicators they regularly look at to help them answer that question. They also briefly discussed areas where they are finding attractive investments and where they are not.
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Archive of August 29, 2019 Webcast

During our webcast Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp examine some financial indicators to determine the overall health of the economy. In terms that we can all understand, they explain each chart, slide by slide, looking at both causes and symptoms of conditions that can lead to growth or decline. In summary, they share that economic indicators remain mixed, though a little worse off than last quarter. In some aspects of the economy, there has yet to be a full recovery from the previous recession. Are we headed for another downturn in the near future? See what your conclusion is after hearing their economic report.
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Archive of May 30, 2019 Webcast

During our webcast, Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp use several economic charts to discuss the trends they see, data that concerns them, and indicators that keep them optimistic. For example: Delinquencies in auto loans continue to tick up. Credit card debt is now a concern and negative nominal yields on bonds continue in some countries (a historical aberration). Small business optimism and consumer confidence remain high. Watch our webcast to see what else they have to say.
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Archive of February 28, 2019 Webcast

Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp update their views on the economy and the global investing environment. Negative developments include slowing global economic growth and diminishing positive impacts from the 2017 tax law changes. Positive developments include a fairly stable domestic economy and a shift in Federal Reserve attitudes and possibly actions. Give it a listen for more details.
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Archive of November 15, 2018 Webcast

Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp examined the ripple effect and the unintended consequences of changes to interest rates, regulations, tariffs, and the money supply. An example being: In an effort to unwind its Quantitative Easing measures, the Federal Reserve is continuing to raise short-term interest rates and reduce its balance sheet. These higher interest rates have contributed to a slowdown in the housing market which could lead to a decline in home prices.
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Archive of August 30, 2018 Webcast

During our webcast, Ron and Jeff updated participants on the changes in the economic indicators that they monitor and the potential threats and improvements to the U.S. economy and asset markets. They believe the U.S. government has removed some impediments to business, but are wary of cross-currents that might create problems. They also talked about what they are seeing in foreign economies, especially changes to the currency rates compared to the U.S. dollar and the ongoing changes to trade and tariffs.
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Archive of May 24, 2018 Webcast

During our webcast, Ron and Jeff walk through a number of economic and financial indicators to better understand the U.S. economy and asset markets. They conclude that the economy will likely continue to grow at 2% or a little better, but that rising interest rates and other actions of the Federal Reserve increase the likelihood of problems with businesses or countries that need low interest rates to survive. They believe the markets will remain volatile as investors grapple with these two diametrically opposed pressures.
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We don’t know any more about the health risks posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) than you do. Nor do we,...
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