February 22, 2018 Webcast

Don't miss our next webcast: Join Tony Muhlenkamp as he hosts a chat with portfolio managers Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp. What do the recent tax cuts mean to you and to businesses? What are we keeping our eye on as the U.S. and European Central banks begin to draw down their balance sheets? Ron and Jeff will discuss their thoughts on these matters as well as others that they continue to monitor.
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Archive of November 30, 2017 Webcast

Tony Muhlenkamp hosted a chat with our portfolio managers Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp. During the conversation, Ron and Jeff shared their review of 2017, a year with unusually low market volatility, record-high market levels, and expensive equity valuations. They provided charts and checklists to better explain consumer and business spending and optimism, inflation, investors’ margin accounts, and many other items they monitor to determine where the economy is at year end and what concerns them going into 2018. They also explained how actions of the Japanese and European central banks may be influencing the U.S. stock market.
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Archive of August 22, 2017 Webcast

Jeff Muhlenkamp, Portfolio Manager, summarizes the economy using his 10-point checklist. Also, to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we asked Ron Muhlenkamp, Portfolio Manager, to reflect on lessons he has learned and changes he has seen since he founded Muhlenkamp & Company in 1977. Included are Ron’s insights and observations.
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Archive of May 11, 2017 Webcast

When it comes to building our portfolios, we say we build them from the bottom up and then we edit them from the top down. During the Muhlenkamp & Company webcast on Thursday, May 11, 2017, Portfolio Manager Jeff Muhlenkamp along with President Tony Muhlenkamp shared our process. Jeff also talked about some of the key indicators that we are following to give investors an insight into what we are doing and why.
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Archive of February 16, 2017 Webcast

Ron's maxim, “When you change the rules a little, you change the game a lot,” applies to many things in life. During our webcast, Jeff and Ron looked at the potential impact and the second and third effects that changing policies and regulations by President Trump and his new administration could have on the economy. Since the last recession, small businesses have been reluctant to expand because they were unsure of the rules: the possibility of increased taxes, expanding healthcare costs, and more regulations. After the 2016 election, small business confidence spiked. Jeff and Ron debated what may have boosted optimism. They also talked about current interest rates, bond rates, the dollar, and ongoing concerns in Europe.
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Archive of December 1, 2016 Webcast

Is the economy back to pre-recessionary levels? Your answer may depend on what data you use and how you define your terms. Jeff and Ron walk through over 20 economic charts from foreign currencies vs. the dollar to their 10-point checklist they use as a guide. Here is an archive or our December 1, 2016 webinar.
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The Election: Some General Observations

Once again, the American public found a way to make their frustrations felt. As in most things in life, the answer to "what will happen next" is "it depends" and "wait and see." But we do have some general observations...
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Archive of September 1, 2016 Conference Call

During our semi-annual conference call, portfolio managers Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp shared their thoughts and observations about current market conditions and economies across the globe.
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Archive of February 25, 2016 Conference Call

If you weren't able to join the February 25th conference call or you wish to review the conversation, an archive is available for your convenience. During our call, portfolio managers Ron and Jeff Muhlenkamp discussed what they’ve seen across global economies and markets—honing in on the U.S., and what they’re doing in response to preserve capital and build wealth.
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Archive of August 27, 2015 Conference Call

Tony Muhlenkamp, President, hosted this conference call with Jeff Muhlenkamp, Investment Analyst and Co-Manager, where they discussed what's been going on this past quarter in the U.S. and abroad. Jeff talked about Japan's quantitative easing, Greece's debt problem, China's growth challenges, and changes in oil prices and other commodities. He also shared his thoughts on ETF's, earnings of U.S. companies, and the value of the dollar.
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Muhlenkamp & Company’s 40th Anniversary

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Muhlenkamp and Company, Inc. We are pleased, proud, and grateful that...
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